Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My safe place

Clutching the vegetable peeler tight I crouch under the forsythia bush. Mama is calling my name.    Still as a rabbit rolled into a tight little ball, I listen and wait.  Now, I hear Ester trying to calm Mama. Kathy and Michael walk past.   I see their feet from under the canopy of yellow blossoms. My magic cape shields me.   I am in plain view but no one can find me yet.
The sun is setting. Somehow, I have to get back into the house. I am hungry and cold.  I have to pee.  I don’t want to get caught.  Mama told me I couldn’t take the apple peeler on the porch. I did it anyway. I am always doing things in spite of myself.   When I was done, I was so scared I bolted. All I could think about was Mama screaming at me and slapping me.  Would she call me a jerk this time? Why was she too busy to peel my apple?  “No, just go outside.” That’s all she said. Why did she have me if I am so much trouble? I can’t stand the screaming. I can’t stay here any longer either.  I have been here for at least a couple of hours. I will sneak in the house, pee, and then leave.
I sneak in the back door. Phew--better. Oh no, they’re coming back.  I squeeze myself behind the living room chair. Then, I see Kathy. “Here she is.” 
Mama can’t understand why I was hiding. “You wouldn’t let me take the apple peeler out.” Now she denies it and tells me to quit being silly. That’s what she said. She “just doesn’t understand me.” Well, no you don’t. You never take the time to understand.

I am not telling them where I was. I might my safe place again. 
© February 22, 2017

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