Friday, May 27, 2016

Carol's Credos:

Thank you Rosemary Daniell  for sharing these words of wisom in your fabulous book Secrets of the Zona Rosa

Carol O.'s Credos

I allow myself to write when I have an idea, at any hour of the day or night, anywhere, at least to get the idea down.

  I allow myself to jump over the beginning if I’m stuck and to write whatever scenes or words or images that grab me, in any order that they come.

   I allow myself to write with a dirty house. Especially if I have a burning idea. Writing is more important.

I allow myself to used weak words in order to get an idea onto the page as quickly as possible. I will not critique myself on the first draft.  I can use the word “bad” or “very” or any other word to keep the flow going.

I allow myself to cry over a rejections, even a small one.

I allow myself a certain amount of avoidance tactics—cleaning, phone calls, e-mail, ptuzing—whatever I need for a certain amount of time—especially when I’m writing ‘truths’ and I’m scared.

  I allow myself to realize that ninety percent of writing goes on inside my head.  I might be working on a concept, scene, dialogue, or theme for months before a word is written.

 I allow myself to view my writing as a treat… it’s my martini at the end of the day. 

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